„ŻYCIE DLA GABRYSI” Gabriela Zatorska
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„Life for Gabrysia”

Gabrysia is 45 years old, she’s a mother of four: Ola, Madzia, Zuza and Kuba, and a beloved wife of Krzysztof. Inbetween her work-related and home duties, she co-founded „Ty Ja Razem” foundation. In this way, despite her own health problems, she’s been helping other people.

In 2013 Gabrysia was diagnosed with malignant breast cancer spreading to lymph nodes. After long and devastating chemotherapy, after having her breast and lymph nodes removed, after several months of radiotherapy and preventive removal of the second breast and uterus, the disease seemed defeated. Her internal strength and determination helped her quickly come back to health and to work. She started enjoying life again.

In April 2015, together with her friends, Gabrysia co-founded „Ty Ja Razem” foundation to help other women and their families in similar situations. She engaged heavily in the foundation’s activities. The women she helped are grateful for every spark of hope she gave, for her empathy and the warmth she was offering.

Unexpectedly in November 2016 the pain and the fever came back. Despite professional care, her condition was worsening quickly.

In January 2017 Gabrysia heard a new diagnosis: metastasis to bones and the necessity of another medical treatment.

In July 2017 she suffered from infection after wrongly conducted breast reconstruction. Due to the risk of sepsis, another urgent surgery was necessary. With huge determination Gabrysia made it through the treatment and recovery.

Dear Friends! Gabrysia’s treatment so far has not been succesful. Since leaving the hospital Gabrysia is being constantly examined by the doctors. Together with her family and friends she seeks for other kinds of help. She has started a conventional treatment (chemotherapy) as well as unconventional one (curcumin injections) – unfortunately without any improvement. She has trouble walking and – despite taking very strong painkillers – she suffers from insomnia. And a good sleep is very important part of the recovery process.

Recent Christmas brought joy of being together with her friends and family, but at the same it was a painful and difficult experience. Because of heavy anaemia Gabrysia was hospitalized in the very beginning of the New Year. The doctors found out that the cancer has spread also to the liver.

In this difficult time Gabrysia and her family support each other a lot. Because of the treatment they may be away from each other, but they are always TOGETHER. Her children are growing up, they face their own problems and they always turn with them to their dearest mum. For them she’s not only a parent, but also a best friend.

Gabrysia is a wonderful person! Despite being ill for many years, she has never asked for help. Until recently she was independent, self-reliant and happy to help anyone in need – now she needs your help herself. She needs support and strength of people who will keep her believing that she can make it, that pain and suffering are only temporary and that soon she’ll be able to live again in the way she’s used to: sharing her good energy with others again.

The hope is in an expensive experimental unconventional treatment in the clinics in Germany, USA and Mexico – but it would need to start right away.

We ask you for your support for Gabrysia and her family, in your prayers but also in your financial help, necessary for further treatment and for Gabrysia’s full recovery.