YOU, ME, TOGETHER. In cancerous disease, in difficult life situation. In crisis.

Our goals

To protect women
at risk of or suffering from cancerous disease. We help them and
their families by providing psychological, financial and, what’s
most important, emotional support.

To fight for
equal chances. We stand against social exclusion of women.

To help women
get back on their feet again. We want women after cancerous disease
to be socially and professionaly active again.

To motivate. We
support employment of diseased women, we help them find work, start
a business and be professionaly active again. We wouldn’t leave
women losing their job due to the disease alone with their problem.

We achieve our goals by:

therapeutic, educational and advisory services. We translate medical
terminology into simple language. We help understanding and adapting
to new situation.

Developing a
system of support for diseased women and their families. We work
with anxiety, traumas, mental disorders. We show how to think about
the disease.

We promote each and every initiative related to our problem.

workshops. We know how important it is to be assertive, to upskill
and to have adequate psychological support. We do our best to help
women hold their heads high after the disease.

Making friends.
We provide space and incentive for creating female collectives,
growing in power together. We encourage the exchange of experiences.

creativity and spiritual development. We organize workshops and
meetings, where women get to know that they are able to achieve more
than they previously thought.


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