We are Katarzyna Zatorska, Gabriela Zatorska i Agnieszka Wroniszewska and we started the Foundation together. We are women – just like you. The idea of our Foundation results from deep urge of bringing help. We bear big burden of experience – as you all do – and we perfectly understand how important help and support can be in the most critical moments.

We know that not all of you have such comfort among your loved ones and this is why we reach out our helping hand to you. We want to help you and your loved ones, no matter whether they are family or your close friends. We want to help and we won’t let you sink in the sea of problems by giving precise and practical solutions, which are most valuable in stressful situations. We offer our help wisely. We don’t follow schemes or patterns or „methods”. Each case is considered individually, so to understand your problem as quickly and as precise as possible. We know that time matters a lot. We offer financial, legal, therapeutic and spiritual support. We are humans, we are women – and this is how we treat women we work with. We all have different hair color, we all speak in a different manner. We are different. Just like you. We know this. Thirty years ago we were „Me, Myself and I”. Now we are all Together. We want you to join us.

Join us – if you share our vision and want to help.

Join us – if you are diseased.

Join us – if you hope to improve your life’s quality but don’t know where to start.

Join us – if you struggle with problems and need someone to talk to.

Each of you can be helped. Bring your problem to us.

You will speak about it, I will listen. We will solve it Together.

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